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Wellbeing and Mental Heath

Talking to your children about the situation in Ukraine


Support if you child is worrying about Ukraine:

The following links provide advice for children about what to do if they see or hear things on the news that they find worrying.


Even if your children have avoided any news of the situation in Ukraine up to now, it is highly likely they will have heard about it in school from friends or in age-appropriate classroom discussions, so the resources above may be really useful if your child is anxious about what they are seeing/hearing.

For the grown-ups, a really useful Twitter thread from Ros Atkins (of the BBC’s Outside Source) which contains some short videos to help understand a number of aspects of what is happening now and what has led up to the current situation. Hopefully if we are better informed, it will increase our ability to support the children in processing what is happening.


Wellbeing is about our thoughts, feelings, emotions and ability to react to life. A good sense of wellbeing is feeling ok and able to cope, even when life or situations are challenging.

Sometimes our wellbeing is affected by things out of our control: illness, a stressful family situation or crisis.

When our wellbeing is affected and we don’t feel able to cope, this can lead to mental health concerns: sadness, depression and unhelpful thoughts that can stop us from enjoying and coping with daily life.

What are the 5 Ways to Wellbeing?

Mental health Illness

Sometimes, people are born with a mental health illness which affects them throughout their lives. They might have different ways of being supported and coping with their mental health illness; they might take a medicine or they might have a doctor or counsellor that they talk to, to help them cope and regain a sense of wellbeing.


Mental illness is often invisible, but that doesn’t mean it should be hidden. Statistics tell us that most people suffer from a mental health concern at some point in their lives and that one in ten young people struggle with their mental health. People with any illnesses, whether they affect our mental or physical health, deserve support, help and understanding.

We All Have Mental Health

Breaking the stigma

Understanding and responding to our mental health and wellbeing needs is something we believe in at Wirksworth Junior School. We aim to take away the stigma and negativity and help our pupils and families to talk openly.


In this section of our website, we hope to share our activities and learning in school, as well as helpful advice, websites and contacts.



Dealing with change


Click on the picture below to watch our assembly on dealing with change positively. 

Useful Links