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Mathematics encourages an enquiring mind.

Maths Intent

Mathematics is a journey and long-term goal, achieved through exploration, clarification, practice and application over time.


Children learn in three ways:

  • Shallow learning: surface, temporary, often lost.
  • Deep learning (sticky learning): It can be recalled and used.
  • Deepest learning: Can be transferred and applied in different contexts.


At Wirksworth Junior school we intend to do this by:

  • ensuring that our children have access to a high quality maths curriculum, that is both challenging and enjoyable.
  • Providing the children with a variety of mathematical opportunities.
  • Enabling confidence in children, so that they can become risk takers.
  • Developing independent learners with curious minds.


Maths Implementation

Our intent is implemented through a secure understanding of the curriculum and subject area.


  • Long term: National Curriculum
  • Medium term: Overviews, updated in response to needs, data and outcomes.
  • Short term: Daily lessons to include clear intentions, in the form of a  - WALT ( we are learning today) and WILFs (what i'm looking for), and a stem sentence to guide the learning.


These three concepts are used continually throughout learning:

  • Concretemanipulatives- real apparatus to help them visually understand abstract concepts.
  • Pictorial- children then build on the concrete approach by using pictorial representations, which then can be used to help them reason and problem solve.
  • Abstract- with foundations firmly laid, children can move to an abstract approach, using numbers and key concepts with confidence.


Maths book assemblies based on curiosity in maths

Additional Documents

How to learn multiplication tables

Click on the picture, which will take you to a video on how to learn multiplication facts at home
YouTube link on tricks to help learn the 9 times table.
YouTube link on tricks to help learn the 8 times table.                                                                 
YouTube link on tricks to help learn the 7 times table.
Ways to practise your multiplication facts from Oxford Owl.



Websites that can help with the Maths curriculum