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Mathematics encourages an enquiring mind.

Curriculum Intent


Mathematics is a journey and long-term goal, achieved through exploration, clarification, practice and application over time. Mathematics is taught with our school motto in mind:


Creative. Caring. Curious


Children learn in three ways:

  • Shallow learning: surface, temporary, often lost.
  • Deep learning (sticky learning): It can be recalled and used.
  • Deepest learning: Can be transferred and applied in different contexts.


At Wirksworth Junior school we intend to do this by:

  • ensuring that our children have access to a high quality maths curriculum, that is both challenging and enjoyable.
  • Providing the children with a variety of mathematical opportunities.
  • Enabling confidence in children, so that they can become risk takers.
  • Developing independent learners with curious minds.




Our intent is developed through a secure understanding of the curriculum and subject area.


  • Long term: National Curriculum
  • Medium term: Overviews, updated in response to needs, data and outcomes.
  • Short term: Daily lessons to include clear intentions, in the form of a  - WALT ( we are learning today) and WILFs (what i'm looking for).


These three concepts are used continually throughout learning:

  •  Concretemanipulatives- real apparatus to help them visually understand abstract concepts.
  •  Pictorial- children then build on the concrete approach by using pictorial representations, which then can be used to help them reason and problem solve.
  • Abstract- with foundations firmly laid, children can move to an abstract approach, using numbers and key concepts with confidence.


Websites that can help with the Maths curriculum