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Policies and Procedures

School policies cover every aspect of school life. Listed below are some of our most important policies for your reference. 


If you would like a paper copy of any item on our website please make a request by email to the school office:


If you would like to see a policy that is not listed below please ask the school office.

Subject/Curriculum Policies



Curriculum PolicyMay 2018October 2021Autumn 2023
English PolicyApril 2023 Spring 2024
Maths PolicyMay 2020September 2022 Autumn 2025
PSHCE PolicyJune 2020June 2023Summer 2026
Relationship and Sex Education PolicyJune 2019June 2023Summer 2026


Other Policies


Adverse weather conditions policyJune 2019April 2023Summer 2026
Anti-bullying policyOctober 2017September 2022 Autumn 2023
Assessment and target setting policyMay 2019June 2020Summer 2023
Attendance and punctuality policyMarch 2019March 2023Autumn 2023
Authorised leave of absence and flexible working policyOctober 2018May 2021Summer 2024
Behaviour policyOctober 2017September 2022
Autumn 2023
Bring Your Own Device policyApril 2021September 2022Autumn 2023
Charging policyNovember 2019June 2022Summer 2023
Child on Child Abuse PolicyMay 2020July 2022Summer 2023
Child Protection and Safeguarding policyOctober 2018October 2022Autumn 2023
Class placement policyMay 2018January 2023Autumn 2025
Code of Conduct for EmployeesMay 2018September 2022Autumn 2023
Code of Conduct for GovernorsSeptember 2019October 2022Autumn 2025
Code of Conduct for Parents and VisitorsNovember 2017April 2023Summer 2026
Collective Worship PolicyFebruary 2019February 2022Spring 2026
Community Cohesion PolicyFebruary 2019September 2019Autumn 2024
Complaints policyFebruary 2019February 2022Spring 2025
Confidential Reporting Policy (including whistleblowing)December 2012January 2022Autumn 2025
Critical Incident Management PlanNovember 2012May 2023Summer 2024
Data Protection PolicyApril 2022June 2023Spring 2024
Dealing with unacceptable behaviour from parents, carers and visitors policyNovember 2017September 2021September 2024
Dinner Money PolicyMarch 2018March 2022Spring 2024
Drugs and harmful substances policyMay 2018October 2021Autumn 2024
Educational Visits policyNovember 2018June 2023Summer 2026
Equal Opportunities (Pupils) policyJanuary 2021April 2023Spring 2026
Equality information and objectives policyJanuary 2021March 2023Spring 2024
E-Safety policyFebruary 2020March 2023 Spring 2024
Exclusion policyNovember 2018January 2023Spring 2025
External Contributors policyJanuary 2019May 2022Summer 2025
Extremism and Radicalisation policyMarch 2016February 2022Spring 2024
Financial Regulations, Procedures and Roles and ResponsibilitiesSeptember 2023 Autumn 2024
Food policyNovember 2018February 2023Autumn 2025
Health and Safety policySeptember 2018May 2022Summer 2024
Home School AgreementNovember 2017June 2023Spring 2024
Home Visit policyNovember 2019March 2023Autumn 2025
Homework policyJanuary 2019September 2022 Autumn 2025
Inclusion StatementMay 2018May 2021Summer 2024
Intimate Care policyMay 2018May 2021May 2024
IT Security and Acceptable Use policyFebruary 2021May 2023Spring 2024
Lettings policyFebruary 2019December 2022Autumn 2023
Lockdown proceduresApril 2022  
Private Fostering policyApril 2021Spring 2022Spring 2025
Recruitment and Selection policySeptember 2018September 2021Autumn 2022
Remote Communication and Online Learning policyApril 2020April 2023Spring 2026
SEND Policy (For Pupils with Disabilities and/or Special Educational Needs)June 2020



Summer 2024
Social Media PolicyApril 2021April 2022Spring 2023
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural policyNovember 2019January 2023Autumn 2026
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions (incorporating administration of medicines)October 2018October 2021Autumn 2024
Teachers' Appraisal policySeptember 2018November 2022Autumn 2023
Uniform policyNovember 2018March 2021Autumn 2023
Use of Photographs and Videos policyMay 2018September 2021Autumn 2024
Walking to and from School policySeptember 2018September 2022September 2025