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Curriculum Intent

Our school motto is:


Creative. Caring.  Curious.  We make every moment count. 


We have taken our motto and embedded it into our curriculum. History is a subject which is about being caring, and discovering the past.  We want the children to empathise with peoples' lives; discover how past events have affected the lives of people today, and what they can learn to help them to care for themselves and others in the future. 

The main heading for our history curriculum across the school is:


Discovering and Caring.


The four main skills for our History curriculum are:


  • Practical communication through: role play; drama; hot seating and using artefacts.
  • Critical thinking 

  • Taking chances building resilience. 

  • Expressing opinions about others' actions in a sensitive manner.

  • Understanding others views.


We will look to embed these core skills across our history lessons.


To further enhance the curriculum we look to incorporate our school values of respect, perseverance, togetherness, fairness, trust and aspiration into our teaching.


Curriculum Implementation

As a school we want to go for depth in our History curriculum and have made the decision to teach only history in one term across the academic year.  This will mean the pupils can focus in-depth on the following questions:


  • Should we always do as we are told?
  • Does slavery still exist? 
  • Does migration lead to conflict?
  • Why have buildings and structures become a significant part of civilisation?


To see the long term plan for history please follow the link below for our Guerrilla Long-Term Plan.


To ensure we have progression across the year group and school we have created a skills-based ladder.  These skills ensure that work is differentiated across lessons and year groups.  We then matched the skills across subjects so we can refer to these in our teaching.

Websites that can help with the History curriculum