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Our new Guerrilla Curriculum 2020 groups subjects into enquiry projects, which are taught once throughout the year.  Music, art and drama are taught together in the autumn term in year 3 and 4, whilst in year 5 and 6 it is taught in the summer term.  The Arts project area is -  Creativity and Imagination, which links to our school motto: 


Creative. Curious. Caring. We make every moment count


Within this project pupils will have the opportunity to develop:


  • Communication through speaking and listening.
  • Courage to stand out and be different (risk taking).
  • Individuality and independence.
  • Appreciation of themselves and others.
  • Awareness of the global community.
  • Inspiration.


The big questions the children will explore are:


  • How is there freedom in the arts?
  • What is the purpose of the arts?
  • What do the arts tell us about our diverse society?
  • Is it better to stand out or fit in?


To see the long term plan for music please follow the link to our Guerrilla Curriculum Long-Term Plan.


Curriculum Intent

Our school motto is:

Creative. Caring. Curious.

We make every moment count.

We hope our pupils will be curious about the music which they listen to; that they will create their own music whilst learning about pitch, dynamics, rhythm, tempo and texture, timbre, structure. They will care about the music they listen to and create. We intend for our pupils to be able to evaluate what they have created and listened to, offering their opinions and respecting the opinions of others. Pupils will learn how music reflects and shapes our history and contributes to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation. The musicians and composers we have chosen to study have been carefully selected to take into account cultural capital. We believe music is enjoyable, builds self-esteem and confidence, encourages team-work and can help with emotional well-being.

Music is part of the 'Creativity and Imagination' strand of our curriculum.


Whilst teaching our music curriculum we also look for opportunities to teach pupils our school values - Respect, Perseverance, Togetherness, Fairness, Trust and Aspiration.


We intend for our pupils to be curious about the world we live in, they should be able to think critically and as they progress, develop a more rigorous understanding of music.


Curriculum Implementation

To enable an in-depth approach to our curriculum, we will 'block' the majority of our music teaching in one term. Year 3 and 4 children will culminate in a performance of a Christmas pantomime and year 5 and 6 children will culminate in an end of year show.

Our music teaching is part of our 'Big Question' project. 

In addition, pupils will take part in whole-school singing every week, where they can embed key-skills throughout the year. We also offer peripatetic instrumental lessons, hand-bell ringing, school orchestra and we have strong links with the local music centre. to ensure we skills progression across the year groups we have created skills progression ladders. Children are taught to sing, listen, play, perform and evaluate. The knowledge we want the pupils to learn has been carefully selected to ensure they have a broad , deep understanding of musicians and composers who have influenced others and shaped musical culture. this is mapped out across the school. We have also created knowledge organisers to help pupils transfer this knowledge to their long term memories.





Skills progression in music

Curriculum impact


Class teachers use on-going assessment opportunities to track and monitor pupils' progress in music. They use this to inform their planning, lesson content and next steps. The school music coordinator will also use on-going assessment opportunities when she teaches pupils in ensembles and singing groups. 



Listen to some of our music