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Ladies Football Festival 2019

Derby County Ladies Girls Football Festival


We took a very excited team of girls to the Power League Soccerdome on Tuesday.  I hadn’t seen the girls play for a while and I was a little bit nervous for them – this is quite a large event and could have been quite daunting for them. I needn’t have worried! 


We had all the play in the first game and should really have beaten Duffield Meadows (not least because it was Mr Johnson’s Primary school). However, Luisa couldn’t help but get involved at the back, so when we got the ball forward there was no one there to test the goalie.  Then they just rolled the ball over Emily for a late goal!


Anyway, following a little chat between games, Luisa stayed where she was supposed to and was ferocious, scoring a whopping 10 goals during the day!  I believe this is the most any pupil at WJS has scored in one tournament – certainly since I have been supervising the teams for the last 10 years.


Football is a team game, so let’s not forget the rest of the team, who gave Luisa the opportunity to score.  Little Molly was most entertaining waiting for the games to start.  Her warm up was more ‘Royal Ballet’ than football, but my new name for her is ‘Pocket Rocket’. She was like dynamite on the wing!  The other Molly was a force to be reckoned with - whether she played on the wing or in defence, scoring from right at the back of the pitch!  Rose is the ‘Silent Warrior’ you don’t think she’s there, then bang the opposition don’t know what’s hit them!


Abi was like a caged lion who had been set free, I’m glad I wasn’t her opposition!  She too was ferocious, she certainly kept the other teams on their toes – and gave myself and Mr Johnson quite a lot of earache!  Eva was ‘Immense in Defence’.  She seems such a quiet girl, but oh how the Latin comes out in her game!  She was very vocal and saved us from the forwards on numerous occasions.  Hollie-Mae, who always impresses me with her lovely personality and beautiful manners, certainly has the ‘Irish’ tenacity that goes with the hair!  Nobody was getting past her to get near Emily. She also scored a sneaky one, hitting the cross bar at just the right angle to fool the goalie.


And last but not least – our goalkeeper.  Emily astounded me with her goal keeping prowess! After the little blip in the first game, she was on fire!  Making her presence felt everywhere in the box, she was a right nuisance to the forwards.


With a clean sheet in 5 games, the future looks bright for our Year 5/6 girls’ team.  Mr Johnson’s coaching seems to be paying off!  Watch out Matlock at the ‘Bunting Cup’.


Sally Bradbury.