Please don't park outside the community garden gate to drop off children. It is very dangerous as it obscures vision on the bridge.

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School Council

School Council


We will be electing new members in the next few weeks.  If you wish to apply please fill in the application form below.




Election Speeches - A summary of the main points !


"I have good ideas and I'll listen well." - Jake

"I'm good at helping people. If you have any problems come to me." - Freya

"I will be a positive voice for the school" - Maisie

"I'm determined to do the best I can to help the School - I'll make sure everyone gets heard."  - Grace

"If you want to ask me anything you can. Give me your ideas and I'll take them to council meetings." - Ellie

"I will spend my playtimes finding out what people want." - Katy

"I will use my determination to persevere to make school a better place and I will use everyone's ideas." - Ted

"I've had experience from a different school. I think everyone deserves their change to speak." - Lily

"I can be firm and sensible." - Dora

"I am a confident speaker, I will share your ideas, even if I don't agree with them! I'm willing to give up my own time for meetings." - Ella


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